Welcome to DerDieWhat.com

I am one of many who started learning German as a second language. Pretty soon I smashed my head into the wall of noun articles. Is it Der, Die or Das?

A few lessons later I also realized that it is essential to know the right article. Speaking German correctly depends on that. That’s because the noun gender determines the shape of many other words in a German sentence.

I also understood rather soon that the only bullet-proof way to learn German is by repetition. You have to rehearse words, genders, time and again. Only by doing that you can memorize and use them all correctly.

Your job may depend on that. Maybe your career success. Perhaps your social life, if you live in a German speaking country.

This is why I created this website. It is a tool that helps you learn how to use the articles of the German nouns, using a tried and tested method.

So welcome and start exercising the Der, Die, Das.